Contraceptive Implant Removal Bibliography

In late 2015, the Implant Removal Task Force was initiated to bring together implementing partners and donors to identify existing best practices and call attention to research and programming gaps for expanding access to quality contraceptive implant removal services. To support continued learning and evidence generation on implant removal, this bibliography was developed as a reference material. This annotated bibliography captures peer reviewed literature and gray literature, on the topic of contraceptive implant removal, both from an access and programming perspective, but also clinical management of implant removal (within a separate section). Literature is tagged with the setting in which it was generated. A companion research agenda was also developed, available within this toolkit. To gain a better understanding of FP/HIV integration in community-based settings, this formative assessment was conducted using a cluster randomized controlled design. The study tested an innovative model to add HIV testing and counseling services to the family planning services provided by government-endorsed community health workers in two districts in Uganda. 
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Global Implant Removal Task Force