Introducing the Contraceptive Sino-implant (II)/Zarin in Sierra Leone

In 2008, Marie Stopes Sierra Leone and BlueStar Sierra Leone, working in conjunction with the Ministry of Health Services, began a national expansion programme to provide contraceptive access to women in every chiefdom in the country. Central to the expansion plan was being able to offer all women an increased range of contraceptives to choose from when they desire to prevent or delay a pregnancy. Encouraged by demand for implants in other African countries, MSSL set about registering a contraceptive implant in conjunction with a range of partners including, the Ministry of Health Services, the Pharmaceutical Regulation Board, Pharm Access Africa Limited, Family Health International and the United Nations Fund for Population.The Zarin implant was selected thanks to the relative cost compared with other implants (see below) and its high quality.This case study gives an overview of the steps taken to register, introduce, and create demand for the product, as well as lessons learned throughout the process.

6 p
Marie Stopes International,FHI,Pharm ACCESS AFRICA