MSI Mobile Outreach Services: Retrospective evaluations from Ethiopia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Sierra Leone and Vietnam

Over the last two decades, MSI has pioneered innovative approaches to reaching men and women with high quality contraceptive services. A promising model which reaches areas where traditional health services cannot reach is the use of mobile outreach health teams. The MSI outreach model generally consists of a team of nurses, healthcare assistants, counselors and a driver visiting rural, hard-to-reach areas and providing a range of high quality contraceptive services. In 2009, MSI provided services to over 1,200,000 men and women through its outreach services.

To ensure that MSI mobile outreach services are consistently providing high quality services for poor women living in rural settings, MSI conducted a retrospective cohort study among women fitted with IUDs or implants to measure aspects such as demographic characteristics of women attending outreach, their satisfaction, and reasons for discontinuation.


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