A trainer performs a demonstration for health workers during a Jadelle counseling training session in Zambia. © 2011 Annette Velleuer Bayer HealthCare, Courtesy of PhotoshareGood contraceptive implants services require a competent and well-prepared staff that can perform insertion and removal procedures and can help clients make an informed choice about implants. Implants can be made widely available through a variety of providers and venues. A number of cadres of health professionals, including nurses, nurse-midwives, clinical officers, and physicians, can safely provide implants. In Ethiopia, for example, health extension workers have been trained to insert and remove implants.

The Training section of the Implants Toolkit provides a range of implants-specific training resources, including the following:

  • Guidelines, tools, and curricula for implants training and education
  • Training materials on insertion and removal
  • Multimedia instructional resources such as videos and posters