Country Experiences

Modinat Bamidele lies on a bed as she receives a family planning injectable option at Orolodo primary health centre in Omuaran township in Nigeria’s central state of Kwara. © 2012 Akintunde Akinleye/NURHI, Courtesy of PhotoshareThe Country Experiences section of the Injectables Toolkit includes case studies and other publications describing country experiences with programmatic topics included in the toolkit. These include:

  • Assessing demand for injectables and feasibility of introducing injectables in a particular country;
  • Expanding access to injectables using a variety of service delivery models;
  • Removing barriers to use of injectables.

These experiences will inform health policy makers, program managers, and service providers of the strategies, challenges, and lessons learned from initiatives that address the use of injectables within family planning programs.

Many reports are available that discuss the implementation of community-based distribution of injectables, as this approach has been found to be a safe and effective means for increasing accessibility of injectables and decreasing unmet need for family planning. To view these materials, please visit the Country Experiences section of the Community-Based Access to Injectable Contraceptives Toolkit.

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