Essential Knowledge

A midwife in Madagascar injects a client with Depo-Provera, a long-acting reversible contraceptive method. © 2009 Bagooaduth Kallooa, Courtesy of PhotoshareThe Essential Knowledge section of the Injectables Toolkit provides policy makers, program managers, and service providers with key background and reference materials on injectable contraceptives, including fact sheets, research reports, and information briefs. You can find information about both progestin-only injectables and combined injectables.

Key Points about Injectable Contraceptives:

  • Injectable contraceptives are reversible, discreet, and highly effective, with a typical pregnancy rate of about 3% during the first year of use. Effectiveness depends on receiving reinjections on time.
  • Injectable contraceptives do not prevent transmission of STIs including HIV. Condoms should be used along with injectables to prevent STI/HIV transmission.
  • Fertility returns after discontinuing use of injectables, but it can be delayed several months.
  • Common side effects of injectables include bleeding changes and gradual weight gain.

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