The Future of Injectables: Subcutaneous DMPA (depo-subQ provera 104)

A lower-dose formulation of DMPA, depo-subQ provera 104, is injected under the skin rather than in the muscle. Like the intramuscular formulation, depo-subQ provera is given at 3-month intervals. In developing countries it will be available in Uniject devices that are prefilled with the precise dosage of depo-subQ required for three months of contraceptive protection. Introduction of depo-subQ in Uniject provides opportunities to both strengthen clinic injection services and extend injectable contraceptive delivery safely and effectively beyond the clinic. This Toolkit provides guidance and tools for introducing Depo-subQ in Uniject into family planning programs.

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For country-specific depo-subQ assessments, experiences, and lessons learned, please visit the Country Experiences section of the Injectables Toolkit.