Program Management

A health worker educates a woman about family planning methods while taking her blood pressure in Nigeria. © 2009 eHealth Africa, Courtesy of PhotoshareIn order to meet the increasing demand for injectable contraceptives with high-quality services, family planning programs need to be managed efficiently. The Program Management section of the Injectables Toolkit includes information and tools to help family planning program managers fulfill the essential management functions of an injectables program.

Continual quality improvement is key to effective family planning programs that offer injectables. Supportive supervision is essential to high-quality programming and safe injection practices, as is community and staff involvement in assessing and improving health services.

These resources will help program managers develop quality programs and strengthen existing programs by increasing their efficiency to meet rising demand for injectables. For information on community-based access to injectables, please visit the Community-Based Access to Injectable Contraceptives Toolkit.

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