Male Norms Posters Targeting the National Military

The following posters were developed under the brand Jegnenete (being a hero) and target the national military. They show "jegnenete" (being a hero) is not only about being a war hero, but is also about being responsible for your behaviors.
Poster 1 - Resisting or Limiting Intake of Alcohol
This poster shows "jegnenete" is also about being responsible enough to limit alcohol consumption, withstanding peer pressure to drink and knowing that one doesn’t have to drink to have a good time.
Poster 2 - HIV Testing
This poster shows "jegnenete" is also about caring for your own and your partner's health and getting tested for HIV with your partner.
Poster 3 - Shared Decision Making and Using Condoms Consistently
This poster shows "jegnenete" is also about being responsible for your and your partner’s lives, sharing decision making with your partner as well as using condoms consistently. 
Johns Hopkins University Center for Communication Programs (JHU·CCP) - Ethiopia