The Global Health Knowledge Collaborative

The Global Health Knowledge Collaborative (GHKC)

The Knowledge Management for Health and Development Toolkit builds on the knowledge sharing of the Global Health Knowledge Collaborative (GHKC), which began in 2010 (originally called the Knowledge Management Working Group) as a collaborative forum for sharing and synthesizing knowledge. The goals of this community of practice are to: serve as a platform to share ideas and KM research findings, collect case studies documenting experiences with KM in global health, ask for feedback on KM-related products and services, promote KM-related products and services use, and advocate for the importance of KM for organizations and projects.

This group meets face-to-face several times a year (in Baltimore or Washington, DC, with the option to join via phone) to discuss KM approaches that are new to them by inviting guest experts and providing an opportunity to learn and practice these new approaches.

For more information on the GHKC, please visit the GHKC website. The GHKC also has a moderated listserv for members to share announcements and discussions. You can send a message to the group at:

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