CHARM: Counseling Husbands to Achieve Reproductive Health and Marital Equity – Training Manual

The CHARM [Counseling Husbands to Achieve Reproductive Health and Marital Equity] intervention is a 3-session gender equity and family planning (GE+FP) intervention delivered by trained male health care providers to married men, both alone and with their wives, to improve contraceptive practices and reduce spousal violence in rural India. Sessions for men (sessions 1 and 2) and couples (session 3) are delivered in a private clinical setting, or if preferred, a private location near or in the participant’s home over a 3-month period; contraceptives are offered at each point of contact. The training and materials cover condoms, COCs, copper IUD, permanent methods, and natural methods. (If using these materials in settings with a broader contraceptive method mix available, the materials should be adapted to include additional methods.) 

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104 pp
Center on Gender Equity and Health, University of California, San Diego
Ghule M, Palaye P, Battala M, Gajanan V, Nair S, Dasgupta A, Silverman JG, Donta B, Saggurti N, Raj A