GREAT Scalable Toolkit

The GREAT (Gender Roles, Equality, and Transformation) Scalable Toolkit is a set of tools created to bring fun and engaging activities that transform gender and reproductive health outcomes through a three-stage process: review of relevant programs, extensive formative research with adolescents and the people who influence them, and a pretest of draft materials followed by revisions. The toolkit includes a set of activity cards designed for use with married and/or parenting adolescents. Each activity card is meant to be used on its own to stimulate a fun group activity that includes a discussion on gender equality, reproductive health, contraception, childrearing, health relationships, and safety from violence. The toolkit was originally designed for use in Uganda (available in Lango and Acholi), and since has been adapted for use in Mozambique, Burkina Faso, and Guinea (available in Portuguese and French).

66 pp
GREAT Project
Pathfinder International
Save the Children
Institute for Reproductive Health (IRH), Georgetown University