An Interdisciplinary Framework for Measuring and Supporting Adherence in HIV Prevention Trials of ARV-Based Vaginal Rings

Correct, consistent use of study products and measurement of adherence to study regimens have emerged as critical challenges in the evaluation of HIV prevention technologies. This article, published in a September 2014 supplement to the Journal of the International AIDS Society, presents an interdisciplinary framework for systematically investigating promising strategies to support product uptake and adherence and to measure adherence in randomized, blinded clinical trials of antiretroviral-based vaginal rings.

7 pages
FHI 360, University of Michigan School of Public Health, Centers for Behavioral & Preventive Medicine of The Miriam Hospital, Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Reprotect Inc., The Johns Hopkins University, Population Council
MacQueen KM, Tolley EE, Owen DH, Amico KR, Morrow KM, Moench TR, Friend DR, Friendland B