Microbicide Clinical Trial Adherence: Insights for Introduction

Drawing primarily from data and experience from large-scale microbicide efficacy trials, this article published in the Journal of the International AIDS Society identifies lessons learned about adherence to study regimens in six areas: 1) adherence measurement in clinical trials, 2) comprehension of use instructions/instructions for use, 3) unknown efficacy and its effect on adherence/messages regarding effectiveness, 4) partner influence on use, 5) retention and continuation, and 6) the generalizability of trial participants' adherence behavior. For each topic, recommendations are provided for using trial findings to prepare for future microbicide trials, post-marketing research, and microbicide introduction and delivery programs.

9 pages
International Partnership for Microbicides, FHI 360, University of Connecticut, Population Council, MRC Clinical Trials Unit, CAPRISA
Woodsong C, MacQueen K, Amico KR, Friedland B, Gafos M, Mansoor L, Tolley E, McCormack S,