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For MIYCN-FP integration, advocacy is critical to advance the global agenda for integrating these services, build stakeholder support for integration at various levels, and secure resources to advance MIYCN-FP integration efforts. This section of the Toolkit includes advocacy briefs, reports, tools, and presentations that can be used to advocate for MIYCN and FP integration. These advocacy resources can be used by grassroots organizations, program managers, donors, and high-level stakeholders, such as champions or key actors in government ministries of health, to support MIYCN-FP integration across the continuum of care.

A highlighted resource in this section is the MIYCN-FP Advocacy Brief, developed by the MIYCN-FP Working Group, which outlines the global evidence behind MIYCN-FP integration and presents recommended advocacy messages.

Key considerations for MIYCN-FP advocacy include the following:

  • Build country ownership and encourage resource commitments for MIYCN-FP integration. Ensure planning, budgeting, mobilization and allocation of resources for integration of services is clearly laid out in the country compacts, yearly plans, etc.
  • Cultivate champions among political leaders, government representatives, NGO representatives, facility providers, religious and traditional leaders, and other community members who advocate for integrated services. Champions or change agents should be selected by a local team to identify and analyze effective practices.
  • Ensure integration of approaches in pre-service training, standard policy/ country-level guidelines and protocols, communication tools, facility setup, commodity logistics and supplies for integrated MIYCN-FP services are in place.
  • Ensure MIYCN-FP integration is included on the agenda and addressed at key meetings, events, and conferences.

The resources presented in this section of the toolkit focus primarily on MIYCN and FP – for more general advocacy guidance, please refer to the POLICY Project’s Policy Circle, as well as PATH’s Advocacy to Improve Global Health: Strategies and Stories from the Field

The Family Planning Advocacy Toolkit also offers a host of family planning-related advocacy resources.

To suggest an additional resource or share your perspective on advocating for integration of MIYCN and FP, please email us at or visit our feedback form.