Monitoring & Evaluation

To assess the process and outcomes of integrated delivery of MIYCN-FP services, appropriate indicators and effective systems of monitoring and evaluation are required. 

Credit: Annie Clark, URC.

A featured resource in this section is the Key Considerations for Monitoring and Evaluating MIYCN-FP Integrated Services. Developed by the MIYCN-FP Working Group, the 4-page briefer outlines priority questions around M&E of MIYCN-FP integration. The paper includes a conceptual framework laying out key elements of integrated service delivery, along with a list of suggested indicators for MIYCN-FP aligned with the conceptual framework. Indicators should be selected based on the focus of the program.  

For analysis reports and tools on conducting formative assessments, please see the formative assessment resources section of the toolkit.

This is a living toolkit; please provide your input and experience through the feedback form.