Past Projects

A2Z: The USAID Micronutrient and Child Blindness Project The USAID Micronutrient and Child Blindness Project is to increase the use of key micronutrient and blindness interventions to improve child and maternal health. The technical focus areas of the project are vitamin A supplementation for children under five and newborns, anemia reduction in pregnant women and children, food fortification, and zinc treatment for diarrhea. The expected results of the project are large-scale, sustainable vitamin A supplementation programs, anemia control, expansion of food fortification, and integration of effective approaches, tools, and data collection into national strategies and multiple program platforms.

BASICS: Basic Support for Institutionalizing Child Survival After more than 15 years of providing technical assistance for child survival programs in developing countries, BASICS concluded most of its country programs on September 29, 2009. This site is dedicated to ensuring your access to the tools and lessons that made BASICS a success, and contributed to improved health for children under five years of age worldwide. Make sure to visit the Publications & Resources page for a wide range of documents, and use the quick links below to review key materials on the past and future of child survival programming needs.

Extending Service Delivery (ESD) Project At least 200 million women around the world want to delay, space, or limit childbearing, but are unable to do so because they lack knowledge of and access to reproductive health and family planning (RH/FP) services. Funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), the Extending Service Delivery (ESD) Project works to make these services accessible to the underserved populations of the world.

Flexible Fund The USAID PVO/NGO Flexible Fund was established in 2002 to promote the development of, interest in, and quality of community-based family planning and reproductive health (FP/RH) services worldwide. At this site, you may find information on the lessons learned over 10 years of funding community-based family planning projects and other resources created under the Flexible Fund project.

Infant & Young Child Nutrition Project The Infant and Young Child Nutrition (IYCN) Project is the flagship project on infant and young child nutrition of the US Agency for International Development (USAID). Begun in 2006, the five-year project aims to improve nutrition for mothers, infants, and young children and prevent the transmission of HIV to infants and children. IYCN builds on 25 years of USAID leadership in maternal, infant, and young child nutrition. Our focus is on proven interventions that are effective during pregnancy through the first two years of life.