Programming Guide on Infant and Young Child Feeding

This program guidance contains detailed programming information on IYCF, including breastfeeding, complementary feeding and infant feeding in general and in especially difficult circumstances including in the context of HIV and in emergencies. It also briefly addresses maternal nutrition. The key action areas for these components are detailed at the different levels, including national policy/strategy level, health services, and community. The document provides strategic programme recommendations for priority IYCF actions and their operationalization that will support achievement of MDGs 1 and 4, among others, as well as UNICEF Medium Term Strategic Plan (MTSP) Focus Area 1 on Young Child Survival, Growth and Development. The document emphasizes that breastfeeding and complementary feeding both play a significant role in the reduction undernutrition (both stunting and wasting) which is a key strategic area of UNICEF‘s equity focus. The document briefly summarizes UNICEF‘s role in IYCF programming, but the document is not focused on UNICEF actions alone – it may be used by a broad range of partners involved in IYCF programming. 

173 pp