Social & Behavior Change Communication

Photo courtesey of PATH/Yeside Pikuda

Social and behavior change communication (SBCC) can be employed to promote and sustain optimal MIYCN and FP practices. Integrating SBCC activities for MIYCN and FP benefits the health of mothers and their children by reinforcing the mutual benefits of nutrition and family planning practices. SBCC is guided by an ecological approach addressing both individual level change and change at broader environmental and structural levels. For MIYCN and FP integration, SBCC can build buy-in and stimulate demand for both services, motivate individuals to carry out desired MIYCN and FP practices, improve the quality of provider-client interactions, and shift social norms in support of optimal MIYCN and FP behaviors.

A strategic SBCC approach follows a systematic process including conducting formative assessment, identifying the most important barriers and motivators to behavior change, and then designing and implementing a comprehensive set of interventions to support and encourage positive behaviors.

The SBCC section of the MIYCN-FP Toolkit provides a range of tools and materials to assist with designing a strategic approach for promoting key MIYCN and FP behaviors and shifting social norms. These resources can be accessed by clicking on the links below or going to the links in the sidebar menu on the right side of this page. Resources are grouped into the following sub-sections:

One highlighted resource in this section of the toolkit is the MIYCN-FP Behavior Table, developed by the MIYCN-FP Working Group, which outlines key MIYCN and FP behaviors, along with illustrative behavioral determinants and activities for each.

This section of the toolkit will be updated periodically as new resources become available. If you would like to suggest a resource or comment about this section please visit our feedback form.