What are K4Health Toolkits?A 14-year-old mother receives contraceptive pills and family planning education during a visit to her midwife. Midwives are vital to the health of mothers in Afghanistan as women are typically not allowed to visit male health care workers. This young mother believes her husband will be supportive of contraceptive pills once she has explained to him the benefits of family planning. © 2005 Emily J. Phillips/MSH, Courtesy of Photoshare

What is the purpose of the Oral Contraceptives Toolkit?

What types of resources are included in this Toolkit?

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What are K4Health Toolkits?

K4Health Toolkits are electronic collections of carefully selected resources where health policy makers, program managers, and service providers can find information about specific topics. They are continuously updated to capture additional resources and to identify and fill information gaps.


What is the purpose of the Oral Contraceptives Toolkit?