Family Planning: A Global Handbook for Providers

This handbook, based on WHO’s Medical Eligibility Criteria for Contraceptive Use, offers clinic-based health care professionals the latest comprehensive guidance on providing family planning. Chapter 1 focuses on combined oral contraceptives (COCs) and includes information on all aspects of provision, including screening for medical eligibility, instructions for correct use, and explanations of common myths about COCs and how a provider can support continued use of the method. Chapter 2 focuses on providing progestin-only pills (POPs), paying special attention to breastfeeding women. Chapter 3 contains information on emergency contraceptive pills (ECPs) and includes information on safety and effectiveness, common misperceptions, and advice for working with women to support their use and to manage any problems they experience with the method.

Translations of the handbook are available in nine languages (see links below) and are planned for as many as 10 languages:

World Health Organization [WHO]
Johns Hopkins Center for Communication Programs [CCP]
U.S. Agency for International Development [USAID]