Often people learn about female and male sterilization directly from other people—friends, neighbors, relatives, or co-workers. Thus, satisfied sterilization clients will help inform others of the benefits of these methods.

Additionally, information in the mass media can be an effective way to reach many potential users of vasectomy, delivering accurate information on the procedures, mechanism of action, and side effects.

Family planning providers also play an important role in communicating accurate information about permanent contraceptive methods to communities during the client-provider interaction and outreach activities.

This section of the Permanent Methods Toolkit includes communication materials, such as brochures and posters used in many countries, including Bolivia, India, Uganda, and Zambia, that other programs can use as samples to help develop their own materials. This page contains general communication resources and guides to give family planning programmers a better understanding of how to develop and implement strategic communication programs. Also included in this section of the Toolkit are advocacy materials that emphasize the benefits of long-acting and permanent methods.

To access general family planning advocacy materials, please visit the Family Planning Advocacy Toolkit.

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