Expert Consultations on Vasectomy

In 2001 and 2003, interagency workshops were held to discuss research findings related to the effectiveness of vasectomy techniques, to prioritize future research related to vas occlusion techniques, and to develop guidelines for vasectomy techniques in diverse health care settings. These reports provide detailed summaries of the workshop presentations. 

Note that there are two issues discussed in these reports for which guidance has changed due to more evidence that unfolded after the 2003 expert consultation:

  1. Semen analysis and time to azoospermia are discussed in these reports, but never conclude with the current WHO guidance to use a back-up method for 3 months after the vasectomy procedure. Also, WHO currently advises that semen analysis is recommended at least three months after the vasectomy but it is not a requirement for having a vasectomy.
  2. These reports mention the use of clips as an occlusion technique and report on the failure rate of clips versus cautery, with the former statistically and clinically significantly higher. Current recommendations are to use cautery.
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