The Right Decision at the Right Time: Dispelling Myths around NSV in India

This film is meant to expand awareness and acceptance of NSV as part of a series of behavior change communication (BCC) materials that focus on couples who have completed their families. It uses the results of an earlier research study, Factors Affecting Acceptance of Vasectomy in Uttar Pradesh: Insights from Community-Based, Participatory Qualitative Research, which was conducted to understand the reasons for the low prevalence of vasectomy and develop an approach for increasing demand for the procedure.

Specifically the film seeks to:

  • Establish NSV as a simple and painless family planning option that does not affect sexual performance
  • Address negative attitudes toward vasectomy (e.g., impact on sexual performance and physical weakness that limits a man's ability to provide for his family).
  • Provide insights into the potential benefits of NSV through positive testimonials from Indian men and women from different walks of life.
  • Provide accurate information about the procedure and motivate men/couples to consider this permanent method.
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