Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC): Capacity Assessment Tool

C-Change developed the Social and Behavior Change Communication Capacity Assessment Tool (SBCC-CAT) in two versions--for use with organizations (to assess program and staff capacity in SBCC), and with donors and networks (to assess their own capacity and that of the partners they support and manage). Together with a facilitator, organizations can use this tool to determine their competencies in five areas:

  1. SBCC Situation Analysis
  2. SBCC Strategy Development
  3. SBCC Materials Development
  4. SBCC Implementation, and
  5. SBCC Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)

The tool follows a participatory three-stage process, ending with a discussion around findings and the development of a capacity strengthening plan. It can be used by any organization interested in improving the design, implementation and M&E of its health and development SBCC programs. By using this tool, donors and program planners can identify the strengths and weaknesses of current programs and define activities to strengthen and refocus programs to improve the overall quality of their SBCC efforts.


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