Vasectomy: Safe, Convenient, Effective-and Underutilized (Global Health Technical Brief)

 This brief focuses on the following points:

  • Vasectomy is a very safe, convenient, highly effective, and simple surgical form of contraception for men that is provided under local anesthesia in an outpatient setting and is intended to be permanent.
  • Although vasectomy is safer, simpler, less expensive, and equally effective as female sterilization, it remains the least known and least used modern contraceptive method.
  • Men in every region and cultural, religious, or socioeconomic setting show interest in or use of vasectomy, despite commonly held assumptions about negative male attitudes or societal prohibitions; however, men often lack full access to information and services.
  • Thoughtful, male-centered programming has resulted in greater use of vasectomy.
  • Effective FP/RH programs should have an active, accessible, vasectomy component that delivers quality services, with wide contraceptive options for the man and his partner, and informed choice.
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Maximizing Access and Quality (MAQ) Initiative/ The INFO Project at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health/ Center for Communication Programs