Building Resilience Through Family Planning and Adaptation Finance Webinar

The impacts of climate change—climbing temperatures, extreme weather, drought, shifting rainfall patterns, and rising sea levels—are intensifying around the world. These impacts threaten to undo development progress in poor and vulnerable communities, where rapid population growth and unmet need for family planning contribute to limited capacity to adapt. This webinar provides an overview of the climate finance landscape and explore strategies that the family planning community can use to join with others in efforts to build resilience to climate change impacts. Speakers and participants shared views on ways to forge partnerships for multisectoral climate adaptation projects that are eligible for multilateral climate change adaptation funding. Experiences and perspectives shared may also be useful for other organizations seeking to access this type of climate adaptation funding.


Charles Kabiswa, Program Director, Ecological Christian Organization (Eco Uganda)

Hwei Mian Lim, Senior Program Officer, The Asian-Pacific Resource and Research Centre for Women (ARROW)

Kathleen Mogelgaard, Senior Fellow, Population Institute

Moderator: Kristen Patterson, Program Director, Population Reference Bureau

Population Reference Bureau, Family Planning 2020, Population Institute