HoPE-LVB Toolkit

The HoPE-LVB toolkit is a unique collection of resources that has been developed to promote “a complete status of well-being” of individuals and families by converging activities related to the three sectors of population, health and environment. Bridging the gap between these three sectors will create more sustainable programming, encourage more cross sectoral policies, and address many of the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals.

This toolkit is for governmental and non-governmental organizations, institutions, and development practitioners who want to design, implement, scale up, and/or advocate for, monitor and evaluate PHE initiatives. Training coordinators, curriculum developers, and advocates who are engaged in integrated PHE work will find the toolkit useful in their efforts to educate, guide, and train community, local, national, and regional actors on the importance of integrating PHE approaches as tested by the HoPE-LVB project in Uganda and Kenya into strategic development plans and policies.

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