Family Planning-Sustainable Development Goals (FP-SDGs) Model, Malawi, Mali and Ouagadougou Partnership

Ensuring universal access to family planning has been identified as a key priority for realizing the SGDs as one of the most cost-effective SDG targets. The Health Policy Plus project developed the Family Planning-Sustainable Development Goals (FP-SDGs) Model in 2018, which allows users to simulate the effects of family planning on a variety of health and non-health SDG indicators. Projected SDG outcomes include water and sanitation services, poverty, food security, child stunting, education, income, and child labor, and more. Results from country-level applications of the model enable users to (1) Make the case for family planning financial investments and policy and programmatic improvements and (2) Mainstream family planning across development sectors. Results are now available from the first country-level application in Malawi, as well as the regional application for Ouagadougou Partnership countries and Mali.