Population Dynamics, Climate Change, and Sustainable Development in Africa

Population growth is occurring more rapidly in Africa than in other regions of the world (Figure 1), increasing vulnerability to climate change impacts and undermining sustainable development efforts on the continent.  Indeed, most sub-Saharan development policies note that the region’s rapid population growth inhibits efforts to alleviate poverty, ensure food security, preserve the environment, and improve Africans’ well-being. The link between population dynamics and sustainable development, including climate change, is particularly critical for Africa. This is important given that a large share of Africa’s population lives in areas susceptible to climate variation and extreme weather events.  Policymakers need to connect population dynamics and climate change as continued rapid population growth will diminish the capacity of communities to adapt to climate change impacts, and ultimately, jeopardize their economic and human welfare.
Population Action International (PAI)
African Institute for Development Policy (AFIDEP)