Population, Health, and Environment Issues in the Philippines: A Profile of the National Capital Region (NCR)

This brief is part of a series describing population, health and environment issues in distinct geographic areas in the Philippines. The National Capital Region (NCR), also known as Metro Manila, covers the greater metropolitan area of the city of Manila. Metro Manila is facing many difficult challenges—including provision of public health services, housing, water, sewage services, garbage collection, transportation, and education—following a dramatic increase in population over the past two decades that has strained urban infrastructure.
Opportunities for greater cross-sectoral collaboration—for example, between the Department of Health and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources—should be explored in order to more effectively address crosscutting issues such as flooding and salt intrusion in ground water. The brief describes the City Development Strategies Project, policies of the Department of Health, and environmental health initiatives which all illustrate the need for cooperation and coordination between national government, local governments, civil society, and the private sector to ensure effective, sustainable efforts to address population, health, and environment concerns.

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