Postpartum Family Planning Indicators for Routine Monitoring in National Health Management Information Systems

Postpartum family planning (PPFP) is a key investment to fulfill FP2020 commitments and Sustainable Development Goals, but there is little data to track progress at the country or global level. To address the gap, countries have committed to adding PPFP indicators to their national health management information systems (HMISs).
A Measurement Committee was convened under the PPFP Community of Practice (CoP) to recommend PPFP indicators that are appropriate for routinely collecting in a national HMIS. The committee first met in December 2017 to share learning on PPFP measurement and review PPFP indicators that had been adopted in a small number of countries. The group reconvened in May 2018 to develop recommendations, which were shared with the PPFP Steering Committee and PPFP CoP to elicit feedback: 39 comments were received from 17 organizations and 11 countries. The Committee reconvened in December 2018 to review comments and finalize indicator recommendations.
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