Postpartum IUD

Photo courtesey of MCHIPThis section of the Postpartum Family Planning (PPFP) Toolkit provides a comprehensive collection of best practices and evidence-based tools and documents on postpartum IUD (PPIUD) services from ACCESS-FP, EngenderHealth, FHI 360, Jhpiego, MCHIP, Population Council, PSI, and other key organizations. This information will assist policymakers, program managers, trainers, and service providers to develop and implement effective service delivery approaches that address the family planning needs of the postpartum women who are interested in PPIUDs.

What are postpartum intrauterine device (PPIUD*) services?

Providing PPIUD service adds a valuable long-acting method to PPFP that can be provided after informed and voluntary choice through counseling and decision-making during antenatal care or pre-discharge.  Women who request a PPIUD have several opportunities to receive one:

  • Postplacental: insertion within 10 minutes after placental expulsion
  • Intracaesarean: insertion before closing the uterine incision
  • Pre-discharge: insertion from 10 minutes up to 48 hours postpartum
  • Interval IUD: can be provided after 4 weeks postpartum (Visit the IUD Toolkit for more information about interval IUD services.)

Antenatal care and the immediate postpartum period are valuable opportunities for women and couples to learn about and access family planning services. This is especially true today as more women are accessing the formal health care system during pregnancy and delivery through focused antenatal care (FANC) and emphasis on skilled birth attendants at delivery.

Operationalization of PPIUD services requires integration of family planning with maternal and newborn health services. As a result, the audience for training is somewhat different from the typical audience for interval IUD courses. Also, some thought must be given to ensuring an update in all family planning methods appropriate to women in the postpartum to ensure choice. Antenatal care and labor and delivery providers might benefit from refreshers in contraceptive technology.

This section of the toolkit is divided into several pages. Look to the navigation menu on the right under the title Postpartum IUD to link to specific information on advocating for PPIUD; training; planning & programming; information, education, & counseling; monitoring & evaluation; and country experience

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*In many English-speaking countries, the term postpartum intrauterine contraceptive device (PPIUCD) is used to refer to the service. In this Toolkit, the term postpartum IUD (PPIUD) will be used.