SBCC & IEC Materials

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Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) and demand generation activities can offer opportunities to reach postpartum women and their families with information about available family planning services and benefits of using family planning, addresses myths and misconceptions about family planning, and build family and community support for healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies. Tailoring communication messages to the postpartum period is an essential element of an effective approach. The special considerations for service delivery also require effective communication strategies.
Decisions about whether to access postpartum family planning services and select a contraceptive method are often deeply influenced by social factors, such as social norms around postpartum sexual activity and use of family planning services, religious beliefs, social support, cultural traditions, myths and rumors, local or national policies, and the role of women in reproductive health decision-making. Efforts to increase the use of postpartum family planning are much more likely to be successful and sustainable if they promote broader social change in addition to individual behavior change.
This section includes resources to support SBCC strategy development for PPFP programs, and sample Information Education Communication (IEC) materials from a variety of PPFP field programs.