Program Learning

Successful and sustainable programs continually develop and improve based on implementation feedback of various types. The documents and tools included in this section of the toolkit can be especially useful to program managers as they design, develop, manage, and assess their maternal and newborn health care programs to ensure that these programs reflect RMC. Learning from other programs, as well as an examination of one's own program, can help ensure that RMC is not neglected.

Components include:

  • A Survey – RMC: Country Experiences: This report on a RMC survey of 48 individuals from 19 countries provides an overview of country experiences on various aspects of maternity care challenges and ways to address those challenges. This can serve as valuable background reading for those who are not familiar with RMC practices in the field or with the ongoing research efforts of the Translating Research into Action (TRAction) Project
  • Program Review Instrument (also included in the Quality Services section): This tool was developed for use by country programs to assess their program efforts in the prevention of disrespectful and abusive care and the promotion of RMC. The result of this assessment can help inform actions to strengthen these areas in the relevant programs.
  • Program Briefs, Presentations, and Reports: These program documents provide examples of RMC being implemented at the field level. They can provide guidance to program managers who want to incorporate RMC into their programs.