In every emergency, whether a natural disaster or an armed conflict, the commotion of survival and flight leads to the separation of children from their caregivers, leaving children vulnerable to violence, economic and sexual exploitation, and trafficking. Current practices to document separated children are outdated, inefficient and paper-driven. As a result, precious hours and days are lost in efforts to reunite children with their caregivers.

RapidFTR is a versatile open-source mobile phone application and data storage system that seeks to expedite this process by helping humanitarian workers collect, sort and share information about unaccompanied and separated children in emergency situations so they can be registered for care services and reunited with their families. RapidFTR is specifically designed to streamline and speed up Family Tracing and Reunification (FTR) efforts both in the immediate aftermath of a crisis and during ongoing recovery efforts.

RapidFTR is an open source, volunteer-driven project, under active development by the Child Protection in Emergencies Team at UNICEF, and has received funding from the Humanitarian Innovation Fund and UNICEF Supply Division.

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