Ensuring Adolescent Girls' Wellbeing: A Holistic Approach

The Coalition for Adolescent Girls (CAG) developed this resource to illustrate the complexities of adolescent girls’ needs and the elements required to ensure their wellbeing. The objective of this document is to consolidate information related to adolescent girls’ wellbeing and to illustrate entry points for holistic, multi-sectoral initiatives that can help girls achieve wellbeing. This resource is outcome-focused; multiple experts from the adolescent girl field identified their optimal outcomes as related to girls’ education, health, economic empowerment, hygiene, experience of gender-based violence, and experience in conflict, emergency, or humanitarian settings. We illustrate connections across sectors that make the case that the holistic needs of girls must be taken into consideration regardless of in which sector the program or policy originates. This is not an exhaustive compilation of girls’ needs or the complexities of their intellectual, social, economic, or political position. Rather, it is another step toward true appreciation of the uniqueness, power, and importance of adolescent girls. 
The Coalition for Adolescent Girls (CAG)
The Coalition for Adolescent Girls (CAG)