Girl Shine Caregiver Curriculum

Girl Shine is a program model and resource package that seeks to support, protect, and empower adolescent girls in humanitarian settings. Girl Shine is designed to help contribute to the improved prevention of and response to violence against adolescent girls in humanitarian settings, by providing them with skills and knowledge to identify types of GBV and seek support services if they experience or are at risk of GBV. Additionally, Girl Shine aims to build the social assets of girls to ensure they have someone they can turn to if they experience or are threatened by GBV.

The dedicated Girl Shine Caregiver Curriculum has been designed to be implemented with both female and male caregivers of unmarried adolescent girls. It provides complementary support to the Girl Shine Life Skills Curriculum and is a critical component of the overall Girl Shine program. The Girl Shine Caregiver Curriculum is not a parenting curriculum, in the sense that it does not aim to equip parents and caregivers with positive parenting skills. It has instead been designed to address broader issues around gender equality, especially in relation to the experience of adolescent girls and the root causes of the violence against them.

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