Seasonal Variations in Iron Status of Adolescent Girls in Dharwad Taluk by K. S. Deepa, Pushpa Bharati and B. Kasturiba

The investigation focussing on “Seasonal variations in iron status of adolescent girls in Dharwad Taluk” was carried between June 2001 to May 2002. The iron status of the adolescent girls was assessed by dietary, clinical and biochemical method. The frequency of consumption of foods rich in blood forming nutrients by the subjects was higher during rainy and winter compared to summer. Irrespective of locality, subjects recorded higher mean haemoglobin level during winter (9.88 g/dl) and rainy (9.87 g/dl) season compared to summer (9.63 g/dl). However, seasonal variations were not reported in any of the anaemia symptoms.

Journal of Human Ecology