What are K4Health Toolkits?

K4Health Toolkits are electronic collections of carefully selected information resources on a particular topic for health policy makers, program managers, and service providers. They are based on a continuous publishing principle that allows them to evolve after publication to capture additional resources and to identify and fill remaining information gaps.
Purpose and Audiences of This Toolkit?
This Toolkit contains resources intended to help advocates, young people, policymakers, donors, program managers and other audiences develop and strengthen youth reproductive health (YRH) and related policy worldwide. 
Types of Resources in This Toolkit
  • Full-text policies addressing YRH from countries across the globe.
  • Fact sheets on specific YRH topics
  • Guiding principals, definitions, dimensions, and key elements of YRH policy
  • Case studies on YRH policymaking experiences from around the world
  • Key papers, reports, and articles on YRH and policy
  • Links to organizations working on YRH globally
  • Advocacy and policymaking tools
How to Use This Toolkit
To browse the content of this Toolkit, use the navigation menu on the right to view resources related to key program topics or particular countries and regions. You can also use the Toolkit search bar.
Resources in this Toolkit can be downloaded and adapted for teaching and training, research, advocacy, policymaking, and program management purposes. Some of the tools are readily available in adaptable format (for example, Microsoft PowerPoint presentations or Word documents). We encourage you to alter and personalize these tools for your own use. (Please remember to credit the source.) 
Publishers of Resources Included in This Toolkit
Resources selected for inclusion in this toolkit were published by a diverse range of organizations working throughout the world to promote evidence-based best practices and improve the delivery of health services. Publishers include national governments, multilateral organizations, nongovernmental organizations, and more.