© 2004 Jonathan Bartolozzi, Courtesy of PhotoshareAdvocacy is necessary to ensure that youth reproductive health (YRH) policy and programs are enacted, funded, implemented, and evaluated well. Advocacy can encompass attempts to influence the political climate, public perceptions, decision-making, and funding allocations in order to improve YRH. A comprehensive advocacy campaign should strive to influence political support for YRH by educating policymakers, which might include national, state or local legislators; county or city council members; school board members; or other decision makers. Advocacy campaigns might also aim to influence public opinion, since public desires affect political decisions.

This section of the Youth Policy Toolkit contains a selection of advocacy kits, manuals, and other tools, as well as a number of documents that outline the reproductive rights of young people and provide guidance on how to ensure these rights are upheld.

Visit the Family Planning Advocacy Toolkit for state-of-the-art information, tools, and evidence for family planning advocacy.

If you wish to suggest an advocacy resource for inclusion in the Youth Policy Toolkit or to share your experience advocating for YRH, please visit our feedback form.