Youth Policy Toolkit

Welcome to the Youth Policy Toolkit, an online resource for improving youth reproductive health (YRH) and HIV/AIDS policy worldwide.

This site contains full-text policies addressing YRH from countries across the world. The Toolkit also contains policy making resources, including case studies, expert interviews, key publications and tools, and helpful links. Use the navigation menu on the right to view tools and resources related to key policy areas. 

Are You…?

You can use the Youth Policy Toolkit to…

An advocate for YRH

Learn about and evaluate existing policies

Generate and share ideas for advocating policy change

Network with other advocates worldwide

A young person

See what services should be available to you

A policymaker

Update or establish new YRH policies

A donor

Learn about key issues in YRH policy development

A program manager

Check quickly on YRH policies in your country

Defining Youth

The UN system defines young people as persons in the 10-24-year age group. This grouping includes both adolescents, ages 10-19, and youth, ages 15-24. Rather than adhere to a strict definition of the age range, the Youth Policy Toolkit uses the terms young people, youth, and adolescents interchangeably to refer to the 10-24 age group. This broader use of the terms underscores the need for policies and programs to focus less on age and more on recognizing the specific developmental needs of people as they transition from childhood to adulthood.

Toolkit last updated: March 06, 2019